Early architectural rendering of the new QHC PECMH.

PICTON, May 6, 2021 – Prince Edward County residents got a virtual tour behind the scenes of the planning and design process for the new County hospital today, when the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation hosted a community meeting featuring key project leaders and developers.

Held online, the meeting welcomed almost 90 participants who wanted to attend to hear Canadian architect, Jason-Emery Groen, talk about some of the design and potential for sustainability plans he and his planning team are working for on the new hospital.

Groen explained features like designing for natural light in the atrium, incorporating energy efficient windows and using sustainable materials wherever possible.

“All of these features and potentially more are within the design scope and are being considered as part of the planning process,” he said.

On the business side of the new hospital, Groen emphasized the importance of the building fitting into the landscape of the community but with capacity to accommodate future expansion.

President and CEO of Quinte Healthcare, Stacey Daub, also spoke, confirming that the new hospital is being designed to allow for 18 inpatient beds with the ability to expand up to 23. The Emergency Department is being designed for 13 rooms.

She pointed out the new QHC PECMH will be a leading edge facility.

The new QHC PECMH will respond to the needs and values of the community while providing services appropriate to the region. The facility will be designed to fully align with current codes and infection control standards. Operational effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability are top priorities for the build. The building will total 92,260 square feet and be laid out on two levels. The layout includes key departments such as the Emergency Department, Ambulatory Clinics and the Inpatient Unit co-located on the first floor. The second floor includes Dialysis, administration and mechanical services spaces.

“I’m incredibly thankful for the continued passion and commitment to the development of a new Quinte Health Care Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital shown by our project partners, the PEC community and the many generous donors. It was great to see the project referenced again in Infrastructure Ontario’s spring update – yet another reassurance of the government’s unwavering intent to Back the Build,” said Daub.

Prince Edward County’s Mayor, Steve Ferguson highlighted the importance of having a hospital in the community.

“We are excited about the possibilities offered by a new and modern hospital in Prince Edward County. The new hospital will undoubtedly enhance patient-centred care right here in our community. Furthermore, a new hospital is a vital community asset. People who are thinking about working, raising a family, or retiring in Prince Edward County will take comfort knowing that they can get top quality health care services close to home.”

In their first introduction to the community, David Steiner, Director of Project Delivery, and Nataleigh Gooden, Project Manager, at Infrastructure Ontario, spoke to the procurement method and their role in helping to guide the project through the government’s approval process. Infrastructure Ontario has a successful track record of using the public-private partnership (P3) model to deliver projects, on time and on budget. To date, the P3 model has been used to design and build 50 health care facilities in the province.

Based on current projected timelines, the plan is to move into the new hospital sometime in 2027.

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Chairperson, Barbara McConnell emceed the event and thanked the community for their generous support of the Back the Build campaign.

“What an incredible journey for our foundation to work with leaders in their field toward a common goal of a new hospital in the County.  Through their vision and support, we see our new hospital taking shape. But what has made this experience so amazing is the on-going commitment of our PEC community to make this new hospital happen. Every day we see the community share of the cost climb steadily toward our goal of $16.5 million. This community is incredible. I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to Back the Build, and I want to thank our volunteer board and campaign cabinet who are the ones doing the heavy lifting in the fundraising endeavour, and I want to thank the staff without whom none of these achievements would be possible. What a remarkable team,” she said.

For more information about the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Back the Build campaign, visit www.backthebuild.ca.

The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to raising funds to advance health care for the patients of the hospital and the people of Prince Edward County.


Early architectural rendering of the new QHC PECMH.