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Why a new hospital?

The heart of health care in The County

The future of the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital (PECMH) is at a crossroads. The existing building, now over 60 years old, is nearing its end of life. Our exceptional caregivers still provide the quality health care County residents and visitors deserve, but the aging building is a challenging environment in which to work. Renovating the current building to bring it up to current standards for hospitals would cost as much or more than building a new facility. Now is the time to be forward-thinking to meet the health care needs of our community, not only for today but well into the future.

Current hospital.
Early architectural rendering of new PECMH.

The path ahead - building a new hospital

We are well on our way to building a new hospital. The Province of Ontario has announced they will invest up to $100 million in our new hospital build. The provincial government will pay for 90% of the construction costs while the community’s share includes 10% of the building cost plus all of the equipment needed for the new hospital. With leading-edge design and infrastructure, the new hospital will offer the same range of services available now, but with better facilities and equipment. The proposed new hospital will have a projected 13 emergency beds and 20 larger inpatient rooms with private washrooms.

The emergency services department will have the latest medical technology and be staffed 24/7 with our skilled and dedicated health care professionals.

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation

Founded in 1985, the Foundation is an independent, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is the Foundation’s responsibility to raise money in the community for the purchase of priority medical equipment for our County hospital and for repairs and maintenance of the hospital building. Why? Because these necessities are not paid for by the provincial government’s health care programs. In addition, we have the lead responsibility for the capital campaign to raise the community’s portion of the funds needed to build the new hospital.

How will we raise money for a new hospital?

For over 100 years, donations from generous individuals, foundations, and corporations have been the reason we have been able to keep our County hospital one of the best rural hospitals in Ontario. Iconic in its place in the community and a source of civic pride, this hospital represents more than bricks and mortar. County residents have been exceptionally proud of our “local” hospital since the first one opened on Hill Street in 1919. The community has collectively raised the money needed to build our hospitals before and will do so again.

It’ll be a big job raising our share of the cost of the new hospital….and we are confident we can do it.

Paul B. Helliwell matching gift initiative fulfilled

Why should you Back the Build?

Your donation is critical to our hospital’s future. Your support helps to ensure high quality health care remains a benefit of County life. Our Foundation’s goal is to build, and nurture, strong relationships with those who will partner with us to meet the needs of our hospital. Coming together, as community partners, will give us the strength we need to make our new hospital become a reality.

When you Back the Build, you empower our County medical team to attract highly qualified doctors and other medical professionals. You will help to ensure our hospital can carry on the legacy of providing excellent care, close to home.

Just the facts

The new hospital will have a 24/7 emergency department, diagnostic imaging, cardio-diagnostic services, 20 inpatient beds with the ability to expand, ambulatory, laboratory, and dialysis services. It will also have state-of-the-art infection control and ventilation, wider halls for modern medical equipment, larger patient rooms each with its own bathroom. The Prince Edward Family Health Care Team will continue to run clinics in the hospital and will continue to operate their clinic on the adjacent property.

The site for the new hospital is the land behind the current building. A portion of this land was donated by the Norris family; the remainder is existing hospital property.

We are on schedule for the new building to open in 2027. Once the new building is fully operational and in use, the old building will come down to provide parking and traffic flow around the new hospital.

The Province of Ontario has announced they will invest up to $100 million in our new hospital build. While this is a huge investment, the community must pay for a portion of the construction costs, in addition to all of the equipment that will go into the new hospital. This portion of funding from the community is called the “local share.”

The Foundation has secured commitments from a number of individuals and organizations. At this time, we have raised over $20.7 million in cash and pledges.

In addition to the funds needed to be raised for the capital campaign, the Foundation must raise money annually to purchase priority medical equipment for the day-to-day operations of the hospital.

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