It’s not quite shovels in the ground yet, but there was some digging going on this past December on the future site of our new hospital.

Meet Courtney, Meghan, and Amanda from Ground Truth. They were tasked with completing the fieldwork associated with the archaeological assessment for the due diligence for the new Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.

Before approving a land development project, an archaeological assessment must be conducted. Assessments are required when the land is known to have an archaeological site on it or has the potential to have archaeological resources.

The team dug hand excavated test pits and a backhoe was used to dig test holes surrounding the existing helicopter pad. Ground Truth’s assessment was guided by the borehole data logs from the earlier environmental and geotechnical investigations on the new hospital’s site.

The good news is nothing of interest was found on the site. With the completion of this assessment, we took another step towards building our new hospital.